Similar to your family physician, Naturopathic Doctors are ready to treat and support any health concern. We also specialize in wellness and health maintenance, so you can come without a specific concern.

Here are some examples of conditions that I tend to work with:

Digestive System:

  • food sensitivities, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, nausea, vomiting, eating disorders, stomach ulcers, diverticulitis, heart burn

Nervous System:

  • stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, mood disorders, insomnia, chronic fatigue, headaches, migraines

Immune System:

  • common cold, sore throat, flu, ear infections, chronic sinusitis, autoimmune disorders

Endocrine System: (Hormonal System)

  •  adrenal fatigue, thyroid balance, female hormones (menopause, PMS, libido), male hormones (prostate health, andropause, libido), sleep disturbance

Urinary and Renal Systems:

  • urinary tract infections, irritable bladder, chronic cystitis, kidney stones and diseases

Cardiovascular System:

  • heart diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cold extremities

Respiratory system:

  • lung infections and diseases, smoking cessation, asthma

Integumentary System:

  • skin problems (itchy, dry, oily), eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, scars

Musculoskeletal System:

  • muscle, joint, and ligament injuries/pain, fibromyalgia, weight management, osteoporosis/penia


  • sports Nutrition, exercise programming, stretching, yoga

Pregnancy and Lactation:

  • preparation for conception, healthy pregnancy, breastfeeding support

Healthy Children:

  • healthy nutrition and eating habits, preventative health care, sleep support, ADD/ADHD