I grew up playing on many sports teams and have done various activities throughout my lifetime: soccer, rugby basketball, swimming, yoga, cross-country running, tennis, Irish dancing, and cartwheels and handstands in the garden! I have always valued physical activity to help connect, nourish and heal, the mind, body and spirit. I also have a deep love for travel, and the desire to explore and understand different cultures and perspectives, especially when it comes to healing.

I began studies in Human Geography and Anthropology at Concordia University. I then switched to Exercise Science, with a keen interest in therapeutic exercise, and completed my BSc in Clinical Exercise Physiology, a specialization of Kinesiology. This field involves the use of therapeutic exercise to help people with various diseases and disabilities. Working and volunteering in rehabilitation centres, sports facilities and seniors’ homes, I enjoyed tremendously the rewards of engaging with people and learning their individual stories.

Wanting to go deeper, fascinated with eastern healing methods and the healing properties of foods, plants, and energies in our bodies, I decided to go back to school to study Naturopathic Medicine!


As part of my 4th year practicum, along with 4 other students and a supervisor, we practised in rural andmobile clinics in Kenya. We treated and supported various health concerns, tropical diseases and HIV/AIDS with natural medicines. After graduation I returned to my roots in Montreal to set up a practice.




Treating kids at an orphanage in Kericho, Kenya


Toru Health Clinic for Homeopathy and Natural Medicine in Kibwezi, Kenya




Continuing my desire to experience and grow, I traveled to Bolivia for 2 months and volunteered alongside a MD practising natural medicine in a local hospital. The following year I went to the amazon of Brazil, visited a healing centre in Argentina and then lived 7 months in Uruguay practicing spanish and working briefly at an integrative clinic in Montevideo. With these beautiful experiences I have definitely been able to fulfill a dream of practising health care in the developing world, where it is most needed.

My passion is a balanced approach to health care. I am very practical and down-to-earth and seek to teach and heal at your individual point of readiness. Give me a call or send me an email to discuss your health goals and how naturopathic medicine can be a part of your life.

People, places and experiences continue to shape my being! Thank you to all who have contributed and guided me along the way 🙂