Treatments Available

* All treatment plans are discussed during your patient visit and tailored to your individual and specific health goals.

Laboratory Services and Analysis

During your Naturopathic appointment, Krista may use assessment tools such as a physical exam and referral for lab testing. Here are some of the common diagnostic tools used:

  • Blood Testing – Basic CBC, Thyroid, Vitamins and Minerals (B12, Vitamin D, Iron etc.), Cholesterol, Inflammatory Markers
  • Urinalysis
  • Salivary Hormone Testing (Female, Male, Stress hormones etc.)
  • Food Sensitivity Testing – Candida and Celiac Profiles
  • Stool Sample Analysis – Parasites
  • Full Physical Exam: Heart, Lungs, Abdomen, Circulation, Ear, Nose, Throat
  • Athlete Physical Assessment – Muscular, Joint, and Ligament assessments

More information about Specific Labs can be found at Rocky Mountain Analytical Laboratories