What to expect during your naturopathic visit:

Initial visits are 90 minutes. Beforehand you should fill out the forms and bring them with you to your visit. You may also arrive 15-20 minutes early to fill them out at the reception. Krista will go through a detailed medical interview that includes physical, mental and emotional concerns. A physical exam is often included and lab testing may be requested (costs are in addition to naturopathic services). Afterwards a thorough plan will be discussed and prescription for products can be easily delivered to your home.


A follow-up visit is scheduled between a week to a month later and can last between 30-60 minutes all depending on the concern and reason for the visit


**Insurance Receipts are provided for Naturopathic Services. Check with your insurance company for reimbursement details



Once you have booked your first visit, Intake Forms will be emailed to you to fill out before you come. Alternatively you can come 15-20 minutes before your visit to fill out forms in person.